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Imagine running your favorite Windows applications and drivers in an open-source environment you can trust.
That's the mission of ReactOS!


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x浏览器 v p n

by Harteex

July 30, 2024

2024-06-25 19:00 UTC Mattermost meeting channel Proceedings Meeting started at 19:01 by Colin Finck. Point 1: Achievements and Future Outlook Point 2: GSoC 2024 Status Point 3: Channel moderation Point 4: 0.4.14 release status Point 5: Unifying our contribution guidelines and handling Pull Requests Point 1: Achievements and Future Outlook Amine Khaldi worked on the built-in PCH CMake, the flex/bison PR and some other minor tasks. Can Taşan continued to test Microsoft Office 2003 on ReactOS and caught two regressions.

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by Colin Finck

July 14, 2024

I am proud to announce that ReactOS Deutschland e.V. has hired Victor Perevertkin to work full-time on the ReactOS storage stack for the next 3 months. Victor has been a proven contributor to various ReactOS components since 2018. He already got deep into the kernel side of things when writing Btrfs boot sector code in his GSoC debut, later managed the integration of a new USB stack, and recently touched nearly all parts of ReactOS when preparing it for the major upgrade to a new compiler toolchain.

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by Freakston

June 30, 2024

Hey, I am Suraj K Suresh (@Freakston), In this post I’m going to be listing out what I’ve completed in Coding period-1 of GSoC. Status The initial part of setting up Syzkaller and being able to fuzz ReactOS is done. The link to grab ReactOS compatible syzkaller is as follows: Github. The detailed instruction on setting it up can be found here. Work-done Boot ReactOS with UBSan enabled. The branch which has UBSan enabled can be found in extravert34’s fork of ReactOS.

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by khanhnt

June 4, 2024

Introduction Hello, I am Nguyen Trung Khanh (@khanhnt) from Vietnam and I am one of the GSoC students of ReactOS. My project is running ReactOS on bochspwn-reloaded to list and fix all the bugs which were found by the tool. Additionally, I have a week to implement detection of uninitialized memory use. The first week Before GSoC, I did compile bochspwn-reloaded and run ReactOS on it so my work in the first week is pretty easy.

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